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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Five Reasons to Ditch Gamestop for Amazon

Since Gamestop has been receiving an extraordinarily bad reputation for a while now, the Deus Ex situation not helping, we here at 4HGames thought you’d be interested in finding a great alternative to your gaming needs. Here are five reasons to ditch Gamestop for, keep in mind that we have no affiliation with either Gamestop or

#5 Amazon does not charge sales tax.

With the economy in the toilet, how amazing is it to find a place where a $60 video game is actually $60? Amazon is so against sales tax, they are fighting to keep their no sales tax record in California. It’s always awesome not having to pay a few dollars extra.

#4 Release day delivery is $1.

Worried that ordering your game will leave you trailing compared to your friends who buy from Gamestop? Use Amazons release day delivery on most big title games and have your game delivered the day it’s released. After saving those extra dollars from the sales tax, use it for amazons $.99 release day shipping.

#3 Know exactly how much you’ll get for your trade in’s.

Amazon tells you up front exactly how much you will get for every game that you trade in to them, unlike Gamestop where you need to bring the games in only to quickly be disappointed when you see that you’ll only be getting a few dollars. Our experiences have even shown that Amazon is capable of giving better trade in values than Gamestop!

#2 Use your trade in money for things other than games.

Tired of being stuck with using your Gamestop trade in money ONLY to buy games and game accessories? Use Amazons trade in program and use that cash to buy ANYTHING shipped from Amazon. This makes it at least feel a little more like getting actual money for your trade ins.

#1 Get money for spending money

What we love most about pre-ordering games from Amazon is, many times they will give you $5, $10, or even up to $20 towards your next game purchase, just for pre ordering with them. On top of getting extra cash towards another game, you are always guaranteed to get your pre-order bonuses, no more of Gamestops “first come first serve” policy. If Amazon doesn’t follow through on their pre-order bonuses, look forward to receiving some Amazon credit, ain’t nothing wrong with that!

By David Tadros

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